Someone in your fantasy football draft is going to try to pick Aaron Hernandez this year. You just know it's going to happen, right? It's going to be either the same guy who drafted Tim Tebow last year just to make up some stupid team name or the guy who drafts Brett Favre every single season "just in case." We're just warning you now. It's definitely going to happen!

One other reason it might happen? Aaron Hernandez is getting mentioned in quite a few fantasy football previews this year despite his ongoing legal troubles. So if you've got a guy in your league who doesn't know a lick about football and is completely reliant on his fantasy preview when it comes to picking his team (every league has one of those guys, right?), you're probably going to hear Hernandez's name called during your draft.

As ESPN's Adam Schefter pointed out earlier today, Hernandez is featured pretty prominently in this year's USA Today fantasy football preview:

But as one observant Schefter follower pointed out, he's featured even more prominently in ESPN The Magazine's preview:

Oops…and OOPS. Our best advice: Prepare your best joke for the guy who is going to take Hernandez now. It's going to happen, so you better be ready.

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[via Adam Schefter]