We're not gonna lie. We've seen people write some pretty awful things about Chris Bosh on Twitter. We don't really want to shine a spotlight on those things here. But if you want to see what we mean, just go and type "Chris Bosh" into the Twitter search and we're sure you'll see what we're talking about. It's vicious out there.

That being said, it's rare to see one of his fellow pro athletes taking a shot at him on Twitter. But that's exactly what Winnipeg Jets player Evander Kane did late last night. He jumped on Twitter and referred to Bosh as a "fairy" in a since-deleted tweet that he sent to Stephen A. Smith:

And he didn't stop there. Shortly after some of his Twitter followers got on him for sending out the tweet—which many perceived as homophobic—he sent out a few more messages directed at them:

But by the end of the night, he finally came to his senses, thanks to a talk with Patrick Burke. Burke is the president of a company called You Can Play that discourages people from judging athletes based on their sexual orientation:

If nothing else, we're glad Kane learned a lesson here. From his crazy hairstyles to his play on the ice, he does plenty of other things to make headlines. He doesn't need to resort to taking shots at Chris Bosh to make more.

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[via Sporting News]