Earlier this week, Blake Griffin appeared on The Dan Patrick Show and revealed that Terrell Owens spent most of last summer at the Clippers practice facility in L.A. and even begged some of the Clippers coaches to give him a 10-day contract for the 2012-13 NBA season.

"He was at our practice facility this summer," BG said, "begging coaches for a 10-day contract."

But, now, T.O. has come out and said that that is simply not true. Although he didn't outright call Griffin a liar, he did just have his rep tell TMZ that he was never serious about signing an NBA contract.

"Blake and Terrell are friends," the rep said. "Terrell never begged to become a Clipper."

But, the rep was also quick to point out that T.O. can play ball.

"As everyone knows, [Terrell] can play a serious game of ball," the rep said.

Uh, you hear that other-29-NBA-teams-not-named-the-Clippers? T.O. can play. He's not begging for a job, though. He's just saying!

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[via TMZ]