So, "Andrew Bynum spotting" is officially, like, a thing now, huh? Anytime this guy goes out in public in Philly, 76ers fans go H.A.M. on their Twitter and Instagram feeds and post photos of Bynum walking, sitting, standing, and, well, doing just about anything. We have no idea why people are so fascinated by this guy…but they are!

The latest "Andrew Bynum spotting" took place at the King of Prussia Mall near Philly, where a bunch of people caught 'Drew doing some Christmas shopping. He hit up Burberry, browsed at Tiffany's, and even spent a large portion of his time at the mall with a huge stuffed tiger tucked under his arm. He's doing very routine things in the photos. But, he still manages to make them look so, so "Andrew Bynum."

Check out the photos that people took of 'Drew in the thumbs gallery. Where's this guy gonna pop up next?!

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[via Crossing Broad]