Just a short while ago, we told you that San Antonio Spurs head coach Gregg Popovich decided to rest his older stars, like Tony Parker, Tim Duncan and Manu Ginobili, for the final stop on their six-game road trip. There's only one problem. Pop opted to sit out his main guys on a nationally televised match-up against the Miami Heat and NBA commissioner David Stern doesn't want anyone messing with the appeal of the NBA on TNT schedule! 

In a short press release, Stern said the following:

“I apologize to all NBA fans. This was an unacceptable decision by the San Antonio Spurs and substantial sanctions will be forthcoming.”

Prior to tonight's Heat/Spurs tip-off, Popovich told the media he was making the “wiser decision, rather than a popular decision” when it came to resting his star players against the Heat. Even Deputy Commissioner and future NBA commish Adam Silver said in April that "strategic resting of particular players on particular nights is within the discretion of the teams.” However, this is still David Stern's NBA and he will rule it as he pleases.     

If the Spurs want to get an idea of how "substantial" the "sanctions" will be, according to Andrew Ungvari of Lakers Nation, "Stern fined the Lakers $25,000 back in 1990 for holding Magic, James Worthy and Mychal Thompson out of their final regular season game."  

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[via Pro Basketball Talk]