Whether you're watching the NFL, NCAA basketball or MMA, nothing makes your viewing experience better than an entertaining announcer. For years, we have been dazzled by Gus Johnson and his sheer passion for the game. But someone is coming after his crown as the most entertaining announcer. That person is soccer analyst for GolTV, Ray Hudson. But it's not just the random moments of "Gusgasms" that he has mastered, it is also Ray's ability to combine words that somehow, sorta, in a way make sense. Check out the clip above with the transcript offered by the good folks at Awful Announcing and watch the man in action. 

Iniesta chance (1:10)

"OOOOHHHH MAMA!!!!... Ingenious from the pale faced assassin, what a JOY this will be to look at again.  If only for a lick of paint, he just gets it wrong.  But it's the speed he does it with people.  Watch this, in a nanosecond it's twenty terabytes of skill.  Astonishing!  Knows exactly where that corner is, ah!"

1-0 Messi (2:04)

"SSSSHHHHH... THE MEDICINE MAN NO LESS provides poison down the throat of Racing Santander.  Racing Santander's butcher men tried to hack down Xavi when we see it again.  Xavi dancing over the combine harvesters that are coming after him and Lionel knows it and sees the bravery of Xavi right here.  Look at this, they're reaching in, lunging in, trying to get him, they cannot.  The genius of Xavi to set up... the spare ball over the top again magnificent.  Fabregas is absolutely out of this world with his provision for Lionel Messi.  Messi again.  Sublime!  SUBLIMESSI!"

Penalty kerfuffle (4:43)

"OOOHH!!... Big question mark against this for me, penalty perhaps that's not given against Dani Alves... and cards coming out like speeding tickets at Indianapolis raceway here now."

2-0 Messi (6:18)

"Goalkeeper went the right way still wouldn't have got it.  Messi needs no help.  Needs help like a shark needs a bicycle.  Beautiful placement.  Happy faces and just another day at the office for him.  Again it's perfection."

[via Awful Announcing]

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