Jordy Nelson's stellar 9-catch/140-yard/1-TD performance in Super Bowl XLV might've gotten a little lost in the post-game mix, but most definitely not by us (or Caste Football). We were immediately curious to find out if there's ever been a white wide receiver with numbers that good in Super Bowl history. And while there have recently been paleface pass-catchers to put up great stats but no TDs (Wes Welker's 11/103 in SB XLII), or score TDs with only decent numbers (Ricky Proehl's 4/71/1 in SB XXXVIII), you have to go all the way back to 1967—yep, Super Bowl I—to find a white wideout to black out like Jordy. Fittingly, it was a Packer: Max McGee lit up the Chiefs for 7 catches, 138 yards, and 2 TDs. Let this be an inspiration to all the young white WRs out there. You can do it!