If you're just waking up from your slumber and you're wondering if those "Elephant/Pink" Nike Foamposite Pros were just a dream, wonder no more- they are indeed a reality.

The reviews and reactions on these upcoming Foams have been "mixed" at best. Die-hard Foam fans will love just about anything on their favorite model, but even these might be too for them to handle. While the elephant print and the bright pink outsole are definitely eye catching, the red pull tab on the tongue is a bit of a distraction. Maybe its an ode to Air Jordan IIIs where red was a complimentary color, but who knows. It's always interesting to speculate or find out a back story on why a color or a design was used and that's most certainly the case in this situation.

Slated for a Fall 2014 release, we still have some time to let these Foams sink in and make a decision. Check the pics and give them a chance, they might actually start growing on you.

[via shoulee81 and us11hustla's Instagrams]

Do You Want These Elephant-Print Nike Air Foamposite Pros to Release?