Sneaker collaborations have become tremendously popular over the past decade. What was once reserved for a handful of well known artists and boutiques, has become a sea of creations from creative types from around the world. Simply put, there is a ton of artists using sneakers as a canvas for their creativity and a means to share their abilities with the world. Looking back at the last ten years to find the best artist collaborations, we took a couple of things into account. The first is obviously the creative element, while the second consideration is how well the design conceptually aligns with the design of the sneaker. Also noteworthy, it may be hard to believe that collabs like the Stash x Air Force 1, fall just outside of the last decade, and others like the Zaha Hadid for Lacoste collection, may have been completely overlooked when they initially released. With that said, check out The 25 Best Artist Collaborations Sneakers of the Past Decade.