When Lee Iacocca conceived the Ford Mustang, he envisioned it as a more European, smaller sports car. Ford created a whole new breed of sporting car: the "pony" car. It was fun and stylish. And it was cheap--under $2,500--since most of its parts were sourced from other Fords. Ford was hoping to sell 100,000 a year. But as a sign of things to come, in less than three months the company had left that goal in the dust.

Ironically, the car that was originally envisioned as having a "Ferrari-like front end," being "heavy-looking like a Maserati," and "looking related to European design" ended up being one of the most iconic American automobiles of all time. Our country is largely a conglomeration of foreign ideas mixed together with our own unique brand of ingenuity. And that is what the Mustang, and its many, many special editions, has become.

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