Ever since innocent Missouri teen Michael Brown was fatally shot by police, his small town of Ferguson as well as journalists who've shown up in the area to cover the news have taken to social media to report the events following the tragedy.

August 9

Michael Brown was stopped by Ferguson police Saturday morning after he allegedly shoplifted cigars from a nearby liquor store. An altercation ensued, and Brown was shot by police. The videos below show other police vehicles speeding to the scene, before the public at large found out about the gruesome details surrounding Brown's death. One local reporter on the scene Brittany Noble said, "Police confirmed they shot & killed a suspect. Here is the scene. Never seen anything like this before."

August 10

After news that Brown was unarmed and had his arms raised in the air before being shot, Ferguson community members began staging protests, and some began to riot. The liquor store that Brown was said to have stolen from was destroyed, and other stores in the area were looted.


August 11

Riots continued into the next day, and SWAT teams began to fire rubber bullets and tear gas at protestors and journalists who were in the area, in an attempt to lock down the scene and prevent access. The name of the officers involved have still not been released.

August 12

As police gained control of crowds, other protestors took to the County Prosecutors' Office to voice their anger about the authorities handling of the situation. President Obama released a statement on Michael Brown, while the FAA restricted flights around Ferguson, which will cause problems for news agencies around the area.

August 13

Police began tear gassing crowds, firing rubber bullets, and arresting journalists as the protests continued to rage on. Among those arrested were The Huffington Post's Ryan Reilly, Washington Post's Wesley Lowery, and Antonio French, Alderman of the 21st Ward in St. Louis.

August 14

More footage of reporters being arrested have made the rounds on social media as the protests move into its fifth day. Footage shows police taking down camera equipment and arresting reporters, also of Ferguson's mayor saying that peaceful protestors "maybe" want justice. President Obama held a news conference this morning on both the situation in Iraq and then Ferguson, saying "I've already tasked the Department of Justice and the FBI to investigate the death of Michael Brown." A story from Deadspin called, "America Is Not For Black People"," went viral. Antonio French was released from jail. 

August 15

Darren Wilson was identified as the officer who killed Michael Brown the same day that police uploaded footage of Brown shoplifting from a convenience store on YouTube. Police said that Wilson didn't know Brown was involved in the shoplifting incident when he shot him. Hacker group Anonymous promised to keep watch.

August 16

Police fired tear gas into crowds to get them to disperse as night fell. Many of the protestors were intoxicated at that point, according to one reporter. Earlier in the day, Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey, who is from Missouri, marched along with protestors. Police called for a curfew in Ferguson after Friday saw tremendous amounts of looting. 

August 17

One person was shot and seven arrested the night before. Attorney General Eric Holder announced a second autopsy of Michael Brown will occur due to "extraordinary circumstances." John Oliver trends on Twitter late at night and into Monday morning after he says a powerful monologue on his HBO show, Last Week Tonight, about Ferguson. A group of protestors in St. Louis form in support of the officer who shot Michael Brown. The group is made up of mostly Whites. CNN interviews a retired police officer who says he doesn't think the "black community understands the system."

August 18

Amnesty International deployed a human rights team to the U.S., the first time it has ever sent one to the country. People clean up after last night's protests.