Porn can be a wonderful thing. 

As long as it's consumed responsibly and in moderation, like alcohol and Tyler Perry films, porn can be a zesty dénouement to a shitty day. It's 2014 and porn can be viewed on practically any device with a screen (yes, even BlackBerrys) and PornHub has broken down (SFW link) just who exactly watches the most porn operating system by operating system. 

The findings aren't just separated by OS, but also by tablet, smartphone, and video game console as well. The findings reveal just how much smut is being ingested by Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo users with PlayStation 3 owners consuming the most. These numbers are labeled for last-gen consoles, but there's a good chance these numbers also include PS4 and Xbox One users as well.

If we turn our attention to the portable porn machines you're definitely carrying right now, Android users are consuming just shy of 50% of Pornhub’s smartphone traffic. iPhone users running iOS come in second with 40%. And finally for those of you still clinging to the dream, Windows OS smartphones make an appearance for a dismal 2.3% of smartphone visits to Pornhub and in the mercy-kill position is BlackBerry with 1.81%.

You can head over to PornHub (again, SFW link) to see a state-by-state breakdown of the U.S, most frequently used search terms, and why Lisa Ann and Asa Akira are two of the most popular search terms on the globe. Just a heads up, 'Merica still consumes the most porn globally and for that we should all be proud.