So much for the stereotype of rappers "making it," so to speak, then purchasing extravagant homes. Kendrick Lamar reportedly bought a $524,000 house in California which betrays most of the rapper clichés you're accustomed to.

At under 8,000-square-feet, the home sports four bedrooms and is located in Eastvale, Calif., roughly an hour outside of Los Angeles. It's very simple, as Kendrick has never been the over-the-top type, but does this strike anyone else as too modest?

Seriously, has anyone considered that maybe Kendrick purchased this home for his family? Even for a low-key person like Lamar, it seems totally random that he would just purchase such a humble home an hour outside of L.A. for himself. Drake would probably diss him (subliminally, of course) for having a much smaller house.

Either way, no one is doubting that Kendrick is doing the right thing with his money, but it's just something to think about. 

[via Elite Daily]

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