Get ready to see slasher Jason Voorhees as you've never seen him before: As a TV star. According to Deadline, Emmett/Furla/Oasis Films and Crystal Lake Entertainment have confirmed a deal to bring Friday the 13th to the small screen in an hour-long drama series. No word on if the show will take after AMC's Bates Motel and explore a different facet of the film's main character—in Bates Motel, for instance, we see Norman Bates as a teenager, living with his infamous mother as they run the Bates motel property together—but the series will be based upon the same characters and setting as in the 1980 original movie. 

Even better: For all of your skeptics out there who worry a TV show version of the film would be something akin to blasphemy, Deadline is also reporting that Sean S. Cunningham—the director and producer of the 1980 film—is on board to executive produce, and, presumably, make sure it's awesome.

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[via Deadline]