A John Lennon-esque Steve Jobs from 1980 discusses the future of computers and picking out the name for the company he and Steve Wozniak would turn into one of the most influential brands in history, in this video from the Computer History Museum.

Jobs predicts that software will eventually become more important than hardware, and that consumers are going to want something easy out of the package that didn't require knowledge of computer coding. Also, in line with what we've come to know and love about Jobs, he says that animation, graphics, and videos are going to become pillars of what computers will be known for. 

“There’s something very special—and very historically different—that takes place when you have one computer and one person,” Jobs says. “Very different than if you have 10 people and one computer.” 

Then comes the part where Jobs discusses picking out the "Apple" name. Aside from liking apples, Jobs says he picked out the name because he wanted to come before Atari, his former employer, in the phone book. Sometimes, it's just that simple.

[via Wired]