As host Jimmy Kimmel points out at the start of this clip, last night's episode of his late night program had an "eclectic mix" of guests set to appear on the show—namely, Sherlock star/popular Internet meme Benedict Cumberbatch, aaaand musical guest R. Kelly. So, of course, like any good late night show host would do, Kimmel decided he needed to figure out a way to "bring them together" somehow.

And so, of course, he made Cumberbatch do a dramatic reading of one of the songs R. Kelly performed on the show last night, "Genius." 

In addition to being hilarious, it's also quite indicative of just how talented an actor Cumberbatch is (if all those awards weren't enough proof for you): It takes real talent to say the lines, "Body so freakin' soft/ I can't wait to turn you on/ You got me like la la la la la, baby," and make it sound like he's reciting Shakespeare. 

Or maybe that's just the British accent. Either way, good job, Benedict Cumberbatch!

You can check out the clip above.

[via Uproxx]