To those of you who have ever looked at Game of Thrones star Kristian Nairn's Wikipedia page, this won't come as a major surprisebut for the rest of us, which is probably all of us, here's a fun fact about him: Apparently, in addition to portraying the memorable giant Hodor in the HBO series, he's also a DJ in real-life. Pics or it didn't happen? Here you go, non-believers:

Where can we all go to witness Hodor DJing in the flesh? Apparently, he's had a residency for eleven years at a club Belfast, Ireland called Kremlin, which is described on its Twitter page as "Ireland's biggest gay nightclub." So, Nairn is pretty well-known in Ireland's DJing scene!

We've got to ask: How long until there's a remix of all the times Hodor has yelled "Hodor" on Game of Thrones? Because this is something we need.

Until then, here's one of Nairn's remixes:

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[via Uproxx]