Despite originally stating that the new season of Arrested Development was a "fantastic one-off," and a "non-repeatable amazing," Netflix CEO Reed Hastings is, apparently, now open to the idea of new episodes - three days after season four premiered. So, that must mean new episodes are doing well.

"Arrested is unique because that’s really up to the talent," he said yesterday of the possibility. "If the talent were willing to do more… I’m sure we would be willing." If you weren't aware - much of season four had to be filmed separately due to actors' differing schedules, so some filmed their scenes against a green screen and were digitally imposed into shots later.

Similarly, Jason Bateman recently told TVLine that season four was "just 15 episodes that serve as Act 1 of a three-act story...Those other two acts will be in the future; whether they’re a movie or back on Netflix, I don’t know. People smarter than me will figure that out." Additionally, back in February, star David Cross said something to the same effect, and commented that it was really only all the actors' schedules keeping them from figuring out when they could film more for the series.

So, in short - no one has any clue if there will be more episodes, but they're open to it. Good to know.

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[via Vulture]