When: 2004-2005

Ah, Brad, Angelina and Jen, the love triangle that the tabloids won't let fade away. 

If Jennifer Aniston just straight-up loathes one film, it has to be Mr. & Mrs. Smith. It was on the set of that 2005 film where Pitt, who at that point had been with Aniston for seven years and married to her for two, met one of the sexiest women on the planet, Angelina Jolie. The chemistry between the two on set was described as palpable, and soon after production wrapped, so did Brad and Jen's storybook romance.

Not long after, so began the union of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, one which continues to this day. After seven years and five children, the two superstars announced their engagement this past April. Not to be outdone, Aniston announced her engagement to actor, director and screenwriter Justin Theroux in August.

Long before there was a Team Edward or a Team Jacob, this love triangle sparked a series of "Team Aniston" and "Team Jolie" t-shirts.