The second chin—often times referred to as the double chin—is something that all of us are likely to acquire if we don't stop picking up a Cinnabon after we down a double cheeseburger and a super-sized Dr. Pepper at Mickey D's. Hell, some of us at the Complex office already have one.

Who else gets double chins? Famous people. You wouldn't think they would, what with all the money in the world to get the unbecoming stretchiness removed through surgery, but that's just not the case. See for yourselves with this gallery of 25 Pictures of Celebrities with Double Chins. Some of them are older, so we'll let those folks slide since gravity seems to be especially cruel to senior citizens. But some of these celebs are actually pretty young. That said, they're also quite pudgy, so, yeah, there's no need to be kind.

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Written by Rich Knight (@Riknight36)