Spotify is good for a lot of things: access to full albums, offline listening, the ability to choose the specific song you want to hear and, unlike Pandora, an unlimited amount of opportunities to press the ‘skip’ button. Its catalog however, isn’t always the best. Although the digital music service boasts a library of more than 18 million songs, if your taste is anything other than average it’ll be hard for you to find some of the more obscure artists and titles. And by obscure we mean, anything that hasn’t hit the Top 40 chart.

We’re willing to acknowledge that it might be difficult for Spotify to get its hands on every single album out there, especially due to copyright laws. But mixtapes, c’mon! Here's a list of the 25 Mixtapes We Wish Were on Spotify but are notably absent. 

Written by Brooklyne Gipson (@brooklyne)