With the summer movie season making its final rounds, it's time to get back into the real world of cinema this fall. And one of the most anticipated releases of the season will be director Paul Thomas Anderson's The Master. Starring Joaquin Phoenix, Philip Seymour Hoffman, and Amy Adams, this could be a movie to keep an eye on when award season rolls around.

Not much is really known about the actual plot of this picture, but buzz around the film has confirmed that it is a thinly-veiled critique on Scientology and its creator, L. Ron Hubbard. In the movie, Hoffman plays Lancaster Dodd—the enigmatic leader of a new religion he created in the wake of WWII. His right-hand man is played by Phoenix, who begins to lose his faith in the religion as he sees more evidence of Dodd's misleading practices.

The latest trailer for the movie manages to shed a bit more light on the plot and characters without giving too much away. It doesn't seem to beat you over the head with Scientology comparisons; instead, it creates a more fleshed-out world that looks at the religion with a realistic eye rather than with the heavy hand of satire. It's opaque and enigmatic, much like the religion itself. 

The Master will hit theaters on October 12.  

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