There's a movie coming out today called Battleship, and the rumors are true: It is "based on the classic Hasbro naval combat game." Yes, it's a very bad movie, and yet if it makes a little cash it could steer Hollywood in the direction of adaptations of other children's games. Well, after the current craze for fairytales re-imagined as sexy horror dies down.

One way to put butts in seats is to pack trite movies with total babes. People like looking at total babes—even girls like looking at a good sexy babe, according to the latest scientific studies. The Three Stooges managed the nifty trick of getting Sofia Vergara, who is a babe and a half, and Kate Upton, who is Queen Babe of the World right now. She's not an actress, but that doesn't always matter. Hollywood has been dipping into the model pool for eye candy for years, and it's never not been a good thing.

Which brings us back to Battleship, and the model they've conscripted to distract you from a certain lack of plot: The one and only Brooklyn Decker. As the guns blaze, hatches batten and timbers shiver, Brooklyn will be there as Sam, and we hope that this civilian name means she has to pack a bikini. (Rihanna, who is also in the film, plays Petty officer Cora "Weps" Raikes, so it'll be strictly uniforms for her.)

We have no idea why Brooklyn is in this movie—although we could say the same of Rihanna, Jerry Ferrara and Liam Neeson—but if the past is any guide, her presence will make it better. She joins the sorority of models who've become actresses, and a nice looking sorority it is. Here's our guide to the top 50, ever.

Written by Josh Robertson

Tags: models, actresses
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