Alison Brie was on Conan last night, and if you watch one part of her interview, make it this one. The Community and Mad Men actress discussed her college years at length with host Conan O'Brien, namely how her college, California Institute of the Arts, was very...lax, to put it simply, about nudity on campus.

"It's wonderful, I got a great education there. It's also very liberal -- and the time that I was there it was especially liberal, in ways like, clothing is optional everywhere except the cafeteria. Which I think is a really good policy. Because the last thing you want at the salad bar is, like, testicles," Brie explained, adding that she used to jog naked every now and then just to "exercise her right."

Also: "If my roommate was having a bad day and I wanted to make her laugh to feel better, I would sort of pretend like I was going to go take a shower but then I would sneak outside and hang from the tree outside our window. Like a monkey. Like a naked monkey."

That's not how we remember college at all.

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[via Team Coco]