Last night, the Georgetown Law student who angered Rush Limbaugh and other conservatives with her logical, reasonable opinions about birth control and women's health, Sandra Fluke, spoke at the Women's Campaign Fund reception about other logical, reasonable things concerning women and society. It really is sad that things of this nature only seldom happen in politics.

"Our sons must grow up seeing women walking the halls of Congress," she said during her speech, "Because then they will know that if you want to call a woman a name, you have three options: congresswoman, senator, or Ms. President."

After her speech, the president of the Women's Campaign Fund, Sam Bennett, took the stage and asked the crowd a pretty vague question: "So, what do you say guys, maybe the youngest-ever elected U.S. senator in American history?"

Though Fluke waved off the applause that the question mustered, she does seem poised to run for office - anyone who makes Rush Limbaugh publically look like the blithering idiot he is gets a gold star in our book, anyway. There's no official announcement yet or anything like that, though.

She wouldn't be the youngest though - as Fluke is 30, she is already older than John H. Eaton, who was elected to Senate when he was 28. 

[via Jezebel]