One of the most beloved action role-playing video games last year was Bastion, created by independent developer Supergiant Games and published by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment. Besides the fairly flawless combat system, and unique narrative style that actually narrated based on how you played the game, one of the things people loved about the game was the incredible soundtrack. In fact, one of the main song’s, "Build That Wall (Zia’s Theme)" won Best Song in a Game at the VGAs in December. Ashley Lynn Barrett is the singer behind "Build That Wall", as well as "Setting Sail", "Coming Home (End Theme)" and she was kind enough to sit down and talk about how she got involved, the recording process and where you can see her sing live next.

How did you get recruited to sing the two main songs in the game?
I have been friends with the Audio Director for Supergiant Games, Darren Korb, for years—we knew each other through our old theater company in the Bay Area. Darren and I had worked together in the past on some side projects and we always kept in touch. I was so flattered when he asked me if I could help him out with the Bastion soundtrack because I have always thought of him as a musical genius. As his brother Dan says: “Anything he touches turns to gold.”

How much did he tell you about Bastion before you signed on?
Darren told me the story about the calamity and basically how The Kid wakes up at the beginning of the game on a floating rock with nothing and no one around him. He also told me about Zia, what her song meant to the Ura people and how The Kid finds her. I remember thinking that there was a lot of back story for this game (not to mention the entirely new language they had written!) and I could tell everyone working on it was super passionate about the Bastion story and production.

Was this your first role in a videogame? Is this something you'd like to continue doing more of?
Yes, this was my first video game role. I actually did a lot of voice over work when I was younger for English as a Second Language tapes for Japan. I loved every second of the recording process and would definitely want to continue doing it. My lifelong dream has actually always been to voice a Disney princess character in an animated film – maybe one day we can convince Disney to make a Bastion film and I could voice Zia!

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