After months of bashing from film bloggers and secrecy, Warner Bros. has released a new Green Lantern trailer that shows off more than just Ryan Reynolds’ juvenile brand of humor and some cheap-looking CGI.

Gone are the PS2-level visuals that plagued the film’s earlier footage. Reynolds' Green Lantern is finally seen in all of his emerald glory, and it cements the fact that this will be the most visually unique movie of the summer. Sure, there are a few visual hiccups in the trailer, but there's enough done right that to overlook the at times overblown effects. Plus, a great story (adapted mostly from Geoff Johns’ 2008 Secret Origin storyline) can mask some technical shortcomings.

But no matter how many explosions are on the screen, the filmmakers won’t be able to hide bad acting. Thankfully, it looks as though Reynolds might just be able to pull this off. He nails the smart-ass attitude that a young Hal Jordan had in the comics, and the trailer shows that later on in the movie he seems to develop a heroic edge. It’s interesting to note that the studio hasn’t shown off much of Blake Lively’s portrayal of Carol Ferris. A red flag, perhaps?

While Reynolds looks primed to prove a lot of naysayers wrong, it’ll be Mark Strong’s performance as Sinestro that should have most people talking. He seems to have the brooding sociopath routine down perfectly.

Green Lantern, directed by Martin Campbell (Casino Royale), will either delight or infuriate DC Comics fans on June 17.