Warner Bros. Pictures and Legendary Pictures announced today that production is underway for the Greek mythological action-adventure film Clash of the Titans 2, with returning stars Sam Worthington, Ralph Fiennes, and Liam Neeson all ready to work.

Relative newcomer Dan Mazeau crafted the script, with Green Lantern writer Greg Berlanti also receiving credit. Principal photography has commenced overseas, which it seems will unfortunately not feature Gemma Arterton. Clash of the Titans 2 will once again follow Perseus (Worthington), who is pulled from his quiet life back into the trenches of the war between the gods. Hades (Fiennes) and Ares (The Bourne Ultimatum's Edgar Ramirez) have made a deal with the king of the Titans, Kronos, and Perseus leads the charge to save Zeus (Neeson) and humanity.


Rosamund Pike plays the warrior Queen Andromeda, with Toby Kebbell (Rock N Rolla) and Bill Nighy along for the ride as Argenor and fallen god Hephaestus, respectively. Produced by Basil Iwanyk (The Town), the Warner Bros. presentation will be in theaters next March in 2D, 3D, and IMAX.

But can the Avatar star still bring the thunder? Or do we have to call in call in Thor?