History's Most Embarrassing Presidential Photos

History's Most Embarrassing Presidential Photos

At this past weekend's birthday party for his wife, Barbara, George Bush Sr. proved he doesn't need pills *cough* Bob Dole *cough* to get his geriatric machinery creaking to life. He also proved you don't have to be the birthday boy to have the most fun at the party. Still, it's clear that Barbara wasn't about to be upstaged by her hubby—if you look at the picture above closely you can see the ex-First Lady tweeting on her BlackBerry: "My neck, my back..."

If nothing else, these birthday-bash photos (exposed by TMZ) serve as proof that presidents are regular people just like us. They like womanizing, boozing, smoking, and breaking the law. Unlike us, however, presidents always get away with it. Read on for more politically unfortunate photos that won't be hanging in anyone's Presidential library...


• This photo of JFK canoodling with Marilyn Monroe was snapped during a dinner party, circa 1960. Reports have surfaced recently of a Monroe sex tape in which she is (allegedly) seen giving a tip drill to a man said to be JFK. Even without a shit-quality vid, it's been public knowledge that JFK used to smash that. Just look at JFK's evasive body language—no man is ever trying to get caught in a photo with the mistress.


• As a young man, Ronald Reagan declared a "war on smoking." His first order of duty: send all his friends packs of sweet, sweet nicotine. As president, Ronald Reagan declared a "war on drugs." His first order of duty: flood the streets with sweet, sweet crack.


• Before a finger-wagging Billy tried to convince us he didn't hit, photographers caught the president pulling Monica up close to remind her about the cigar he left lodged in her vagina.


• In a moment that screams "future-president," Dubya threw up the bird for a television camera he didn't know was rolling.


• Before destroying racial barriers in the most historical presidential election ever, Obama was a member of the Rat Pack.


• Lincoln spent two hours posing for this 19th-century photograph. You'd think he would've remembered he was still wearing his beer helmet. Now we know what was under the top hat.

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