A new Nas album is coming. The Queens vet announced a summer project at a show in Orlando over the weekend. His last album, Life Is Good, was dope, and it was his last great, all-around record since God's Son. Nasty has three classics under his belt: Illmatic, It Was Written, and Stillmatic (don't hate on my opinion). He also proved that a rapper pushing 40 can make a quality project with the aforementioned Life Is Good.

But, at 41, does he have it in him to make another classic? He got people excited when he released "The Season" late last year. Hearing Nas talk slick over Dilla production was like a dream come true for some. He sounded sharp and on top of his game.

So with the announcement we thought about 10 Ways Nas Could Make Another Classic. Teaser: He needs to bring Escobar back and stay away from trying to make pop records because he sucks at those.

Angel Diaz is a staff writer for Complex Media. Follow him @ADiaz456.