It is not a coincidence that both marriage and Dipset are forever.

Though the Harlem group is lauded for its world-changing contributions to music and fashion, Dipset is far more than that. The distinguished members are the reason so many of us have been able to find, or even have a chance at finding, love. Whether you knew it or not, all those years spent listening to Killa Cam & Co. instilled several fundamental ideas about romance in your psyche. Amidst the (no) homonym rhymes and braggadocio are #KNOWLEDGEDARTS that put Chey B and Iyanla Vanzant to shame.

Even if you can't afford to keep your mother and girl smothered in pearls year-round or even on February 14th, you can take stock of your current situation and see what you can improve about yourself; this will benefit your current or future relationship more than any amount jewelry or chocolates from a mall kiosk could ever do.

Thankfully, Complex Magazine exists and has created this list dedicated to What Dipset Taught Us About Romance. Let it be there to help turn every day in your relationship into Valentine's Day. If you want a relationship like Cam'ron and Juju's then take heed and thrive. You don't have to thank us, but in nine months, when your baby is born, we wouldn't mind if you paid homage by giving that child the middle name ""

Written by Justin Roberson (@BauceSauce)