Rapper, actor, father and now, rap diplomat. T.I. explains how he helped Rick Ross and Young Jeezy put aside their differences for the new collabo "War Ready."  "I ain't gonna say I brokered peace and got them in the studio, I simply said to one of my closest partners in the game, Young Jeezy, I simply said to him, 'We done did as much as we can do with this. It's gone as far as we can take it, ain't nothing else to do'," T.I. told MTV News today.

"If it ain't nothing that can't be talked about, that hasn't gone so far that a motherfucker can't come back and do what the fuck we do man, get money. War costs money," Tip explained. 

Rozay agrees. "The mark of a powerful man is not only his ability to make war, but to also make peace," he told MTV News in a statement. "That's why it was nothing for me and Jeezy to work out whatever past differences and get back in the booth to make history."

[via MTV News

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