Nineteen Great Songs Made By Teenage Rappers in the Last 19 Years

Foxy Brown on "I Shot Ya (Remix)" (1995)

Label: Def Jam
Producer: The Trackmasters
Birthdate: 9/6/1979
Age: 16

When "I Shot Ya" producers The Trackmasters saw Foxy Brown perform at a Park Slope talent show, they were so impressed they recruited her to rap alongside proven heavyweights Keith Murray, Fat Joe and Prodigy on the remix. If anyone was worried that a teenage girl might not have the ferocity to match her collaborators' hardcore lyrics, those fears were quickly dispelled by one of the most swaggering, shit-talking debuts of all time, filled with head-turning lines like "Bitches grab ya tetas, get them n****s for they cheddar/Fuck it, Gucci sweaters and Armani leathers." With such overt confidence and natural flow, Brown quickly became a hot commodity, guesting on high-profile songs with Jay-Z, Toni Braxton and others before even releasing her platinum debut album at the age of 17.

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