Read the Review That Gave Daft Punk Their Name

Read the Review That Gave Daft Punk Their Name

Yesterday, music writer Ned Raggett unearthed a copy of the very issue of Melody Maker magazine that named Daft Punk "Daft Punk."

It was long reported that the group had taken the name from a negative review of their band Darlin', a rock group that pre-dated their electronic days (and included future Pheonix band member Laurent Brancowitz). The image of the review had surface before as well. (We've attached a snippet below).

Well, the full copy—which you can view here—finally identifies the name of the writer who named Daft Punk. His name is Dave Jennings, and we wonder if we Daft Punk ever broke him off something for the trademark.

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[via Ned Raggett]

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