Spree Wilson is a rapper/songwriter from Atlanta who has been bubbling in the industry for some time; his recent work with fellow ATL producers The Flush has been some of his most inspired; "Right One Wrong Time," for example, was a catchy Atlanta bass throwback that landed on our list of 25 Songs That Should Have Blown Up in 2012. His most recent single, "All I Need" with Go Dreamer, had a similar retro vibe; it sampled "My Boo," the bass ballad classic. 

In fact, it was recorded prior to Ciara's suspiciously similar "Body Party." In an interview with Billboard, Spree claimed he knew why. His friend had shared the song with one of the producers behind Ciara's track:

"The producer said, 'Man, we really need this for her. You should give this song to her…'" he recalls. "I was like, 'Cool. If she hops on my record.' But I never heard anything back for a while."
Once Spree heard the song, he knew that the idea had come directly from him and his team. After all, when was the last time any artist dropped a single with bass music inspirations? "I was like, 'Man, they really took the idea,'" he says, "I don't know that she was in the room because my friend played it for her team. Shit was fucking crazy though. It was a good lesson. Don't ever play your music for people."

Check out "All I Need," and the rest of the EP, below, as Spree's latest takes a trippy path through ATL history.

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