Gucci Mane Wanted for Aggravated Assault by Atlanta Police

Gucci Mane Wanted for Aggravated Assault by Atlanta Police



It looks like Gucci Mane might be in trouble with the law yet again.

Today, the Atlanta Police Department has issued a warrant for Gucci's arrest. According to the police, the rapper allegedly struck a military veteran in the head with a champagne bottle after he asked for an autograph at a nightclub.

The warrant is for aggravated assault, which is believed to have taken place last Friday, the day the rapper released two mixtapes. So far, Gucci has yet to respond.

WSB-TV has released a picture of the victim's wound. The man, who is currently only being identified as James, was given ten stitches and claims that he suffered a concussion. The picture can be viewed below.

Ironically, today is also the nationwide premier of the Atlanta rapper's acting debut, Spring Breakers.

[via WSB-TV]

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