Album: Boston

1976 was a very good year in America. Jimmy Carter beat Gerald Ford in the presidential election, the USA was celebrating its bicentennial, and the guitar-shaped spaceship logo of a band called Boston was first spotted in record stores across the country. They debut album from the band that first formed as students at MIT went on to sell 17 million copies, on the strength of singles "Long Time," "Peace of Mind," and most of all "More Than a Feeling."

Tom Scholz's air-guitar-inducing solos and Brad Delp's over-the-top vocals were shamelessly melodramatic, defining the sound of power pop-rock that bands like REO Speedwagon and Journey would emulate in years to come. But nothing touches this navel-gazing ode to lost loves and the self-indulgent pleasure of cranking up the volume, sipping a can of beer, and feeling just a little bit sorry for yourself. "When I'm tired and thinking cold/I hide in my music, forget the day/and dream of a girl I used to know/I closed my eyes and she slipped away." Rock on. -Rob Kenner