Better Than Original?: No

Although the hook almost derails this song, this track serves as a worthy sequel in DMX's "Damien" trilogy. It starts after X has been shot and Damien saves him, but after vowing to part ways with Damien he ends up working with him again only to have Damien want to collect what he's rightfully owed: X's soul. The one advantage this record has over the original is the beat. The original fit well with the sonic landscape of X's debut, but the sequel was produced by the occasionally rock oriented Swizz Beatz who provided an eerie, sparse beat with negative space that gave both X and Marilyn Manson room to work their magic. So when those few moments when the beat cuts off and Damien makes his demands ("Just let a nigga go, and gimme what you owe!") come around, you can feel the devil not only coming for X's soul, but ours too.