Trinidad James: "New Atlanta, that’s what they’re calling it. Basically it’s a new wave where it’s like, we’re bringing back culture. We’re not losing the trap—the trap is always going to be there. But it’s a new culture, like we got more to us than just all that craziness. Dope boy this, dope boy that, no disrespect to dope boys, I love that whole dope boy music. I thoroughly enjoy it. I come from that, I know what that’s all about.

“But this new Atlanta wave is basically just bringing culture out of Atlanta. Atlanta got a lot of culture to it, and Atlanta is really setting the tone for a lot of different things that you see people do. So I just want to remind people, Trinidad James, he’s the weird guy. This is this guy who do this, this is this guy who do that, and it’s this girl and this group that do that. It’s like, ‘Oh wow, Atlanta really got something going on.’”