From: Staten Island, NY
Signature Song: Killarmy "Fair, Love and War" (1997)

Wu-Tang had so many damn affiliates we're not even mad at people for forgetting about Killarmy—a crew that basically existed because RZA used to get it in in Ohio before blowing up in the rap game. Them being slept-on isn't a shock to us at all, especially because their first album, Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars, wasn't too well received.

But they stepped it up in a major way on Dirty Weaponry and they deserve more respect than they usually get. What made Killarmy dope was how they thematically unified their style around military themes and sprinkled in 5 Percenter teachings. Their stylistic influence notwithstanding, they definitely weren't Wu-Tang-but that doesn't mean they weren't a worthy offshoot of the crew.