Iggy Azalea Ranks Her 10 Favorite 2Pac Songs

1. "Baby Don't Cry" (1999)

Album: Still I Rise
Producer: Soulshock & Karlin
Iggy Azalea: “It’s the song that made me like rap music. I thought it was cool because he started rapping and then he started talking about the girl. Even though it was an Outlawz record, I had never heard a song about anything and now here’s this song about a girl getting raped and all that. I thought it was a crazy song. I had never heard about all of that.

“Just as a woman, sometimes you feel kind of crappy and it was cool to have a guy make a song about women and to like keep your head up. It wasn’t corny. It was cool. It had a catchy hook and it was melodic. As a kid, I could still like it.

“It was able to reach a lot of people because it was a perfect blend of a bunch of different aspects altogether. It made me interested and made me buy every single fucking 2Pac album. It caught my attention. It made me fall in love with 2Pac.”

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