Trey Songz has rented out a room for the rest of the week at Jungle City Studios in the Chelsea area of New York City. He says he’s about 30 tracks into his forthcoming fifth album, Chapter V, the follow-up to 2010's smash hit Passion, Pain and Pleasure. The 27-year-old R&B heart-throb may or may not be using Jungle City to record new material. That studio space is more just-in-case than out of necessity.

Last night Trey—wearing jeans, Air Jordan Spizikes, a blue tee screen-printed with a king from a deck of cards, and a gold chain dangling from his neck—invited a few members of the press to take an early listen to his latest album, Chapter V. Upon arrival, attendees were greeting by a row of vixens in black Chaper V tees, matching tights, and pumps serving Grey Goose cocktails. White roses and candles made the room feel more like a place for bedroom exploits than a listening session. The man who invented sex was in his element.

"I'm excited as hell to hear them loud," Trey said before queuing up the six songs that he's almost positive will make the final cut of the album, which is tentatively set to drop in August.

After some extensive touring in Europe, South Africa, and Australia last year and seeing the impact his music had on his fans, the singer gained a new appreciation for where he is in his career right now. "I realized I'm here for a reason,” Trey said. “It's an amazing experience to be who I am right now."

That's a believable sentiment. Now let’s get to the music.

Written by Brad Wete (@BradWete)

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