Rick Ross & Andy Samberg: Riding The Wavy Train (2011 Cover Story & Gallery)

Rick Ross & Andy Samberg: Riding The Wavy Train (2011 Cover Story & Gallery)Interview By Joe La Puma; Photography By F. Scott Schafer; Styling By Matthew Henson; Click Here For Additional Credits

What’s the science behind a great ad-lib?
A: I try to do “Diddly woah,” but it’s taken so I can’t do it. [Laughter.] I’m still working mine out.
R: [Grunts.]

But how do you spell that? In case we wanted to put it in a script.
R: I don’t know how you spell it. A few Gs and throw some Hs in there. [Laughs.] Some shit like that.

What’s your writing process like?
R: I just go with the vibe. I usually have an idea that I want to build on and let the music take me where I wanna go.
A: We go one of two ways: We either have a premise and then create or find a beat that goes with it. Or we sift through beats until the idea comes through the music.

Andy, there’s a track on your album called “No Homo.” Can you take us through that one a little bit?
A: Yeah, it’s informative for people who don’t know about “no homo” and kind of explains it. And then it gets progressively more and more gay.
R: I’ve been on Twitter before, and somebody will say something to me with “no homo” at the end. And I’m like, Why the fuck would you even need to say that?
A: People are thinking it then they say it. Saying “no homo” makes people think about gay stuff way more. They’re hyper-conscious of it.

We have cousins who are 11 or 12 years old who are like, “Hey man, do you wanna come over and hang out, no homo! —Andy

Do you use the phrase a lot?
R: I don’t use it. There’s no reason. I mean you tweet me, I hope you’re no homo. They’ll be like, “Yo man, let me get your blunt, no homo.” That’s why I don’t smoke with nobody.
A: We have cousins who are 11 or 12 years old who are like, “Hey man, do you wanna come over and hang out, no homo!” Like, fucking kids just come over and hang out with each other.

Rick, what if SNL came to you about getting on a remix?
R: You know SNL’s got huge budgets and shit. But just on some pro bono shit? Nahhhh. [Laughter.]

What’s a lazy Sunday for Rick Ross?
R: Lounging in my Jordan shorts, my Gucci sandals, an ounce of weed, and a real thin Polo tee. And make sure it’s Polo because those T-shirts are real thin. You feel like you’re naked.

Andy, what’s a lazy Sunday for you?
A: Exactly like the song we do. Get some cupcakes, go see Chronicles of Narnia. If it’s not in theaters, watch it at home.

It’s safe to say you guys might not hang out on Sundays.
R: It’s a possibility. If I get stoned enough I could watch the shit he’s talking about.
A: That’s true. And I could easily wear a T-shirt that is very thin.
R: With some Jordan shorts.
A: With some Jordan shorts! See, we’re both super open-minded!

Rick, do you have a favorite SNL skit of all time?
R: Eddie Murphy in the hot tub. That’s one of my favorite ones. And also the one where he powdered himself up like the white man.
A: “White Like Eddie.”
R: Yes, “White Like Eddie.” That shit was hilarious.

Rick, would you ever like to host SNL?
R: Fuck yeah. SNL, that’s classic. That’s history right there, you know what I’m saying? Some of the best moments in television.

Does comedy rap get groupies?
A: No comment. [Laughter.]

We take it you have a girlfriend.
A: Yes.
R: She knows he has groupies. [Laughter.] He just doesn’t “at” them on Twitter.

DMs only, right?
A: We have lovely fans. Lovely fans and they’re all very supportive.

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