Although their song "Bulletproof" was a much bigger hit (at least in the U.S.), La Roux's 2009 dance anthem "In For The Kill" went hard in the paint. Maybe that's why when the 2011 Grammy Award nominations were announced, the song was nominated for Best Dance Recording. We're definitely rooting for the English duo (comprised of Elly Jackson and Ben Langmaid) to win because the song, as well as Elly Jackson, has been embraced by hip-hop. Jackson contributed vocals to Kanye West's "All of The Lights" (Your guess is as good as ours about which part she actually sings) and numerous rappers have all freestyled over "In For The Kill," often after putting their own little production touches to the beat. In fact, just last week when Game dropped his well-received mixtape, Purp & Patron, he also freestyled over the beat after Cool & Dre put some new drums on it. But the question remains: Who Rocked It The Best? We went and grabbed every version of the song out there and decided to put it to a vote.

LISTEN: La Roux "In For The Kill"

SONG: "In For The Kill"

RELEASED: February 26th, 2010
BEST LINE: "No breaks in my immediate, the future ain't that far away/I put so much in my rhymes that I might write a bar a day."
ARTIST: Donnis
SONG: "Tha Kill"

RELEASED: June 21, 2010
BEST LINE: "That's just the T-I-P of the iceberg/Don't like me? I don't give a four-letter word."
jadakiss styles
ARTIST: Style P f/ Jadakiss
SONG: "Going In For The Kill"

RELEASED: September 27, 2010
BEST LINE: "You've got a hole in you, and you're bleeding/So it's not like I'm just calling you pussy for no reason." (Jadakiss)
french montana
ARTIST: French Montana f/ Chinx Drugz
SONG: “Going In For The Kill”

RELEASED: September 28, 2010
BEST LINE: "Watch me going for the kill/I was stuntin' on you corny niggas way before the deal." (French Montana)
kanye west elly jackson
ARTIST: Kanye West
SONG: “In For The Kill (Remix)”

RELEASED: October 12, 2010
BEST LINE: "I'll be your vampire, bite your neck to get familiar/And if you die, guess what? I'll fucking kill ya."
lep bogus
ARTIST: L.E.P. Bogus Boys
SONG: “Going In For The Kill”

RELEASED: October 31, 2010
BEST LINE: "No shopping strip-malls, I'm overseas for my clothes/Jackets handcrafted by a Japanese four-year-old."
ARTIST: Jim Jones f/ Young Prince, Kasino, & Nyemiah
SONG: "In For The Kill"

RELEASED: November 3, 2010
BEST LINE: "I used to cut up rocks on auntie's favorite china/Now these bitches stuck on my rocks like Chilean Miners."
members only
ARTIST: Swollen Members
SONG: "In 4 The Kill"

RELEASED: November 18, 2010
BEST LINE: "I'm no longer saying thrills are few and far between/Pills are blue, skies are green/Now I know what father means."
SONG: "In For The Kill"

RELEASED: January 24, 2011
BEST LINE: "Sometimes stars align, some stars never will/Like Ross and Jeezy, both ya my niggas, ya should chill."