A BBC News reporter was met with a televised slap after touching a woman's breast when she interrupted a live interview. Ben Brown was chatting with Norman Smith when a woman entered the shot and offered a friendly "absolutely fantastic!" interjection, the Guardian reported. Brown responded by placing a hand on the woman's chest and pushing her away, at which point the aforementioned slap was televised.

Brown addressed the incident on Twitter on Tuesday, calling the woman's interruption "unfortunate" and disputing claims that the location of his hand was intentional. "Just tried to minimize disruption but [very] tricky live on air," Brown said. "Completely unintentional."

But not everyone was interested in letting Brown's viral moment simply fade away:

A BBC rep told the Guardian that "no further action" would be taken against Brown because it was "clearly an accident."

The last time people were obsessing over a viral BBC clip, the stakes were much lower. In March, a very serious professor's very serious BBC interview was crashed by his own children. As you might expect, his children must not have received the memo about being very serious, as they clearly opted instead for very hilarious.