A few months ago we learned that Snapchat would be investing 40 million more dollars towards their continuing dive into the field of augmented reality. You may have been wondering what exactly that meant for you. Well, wonder no further, as the company seems to be going all out to re-stake their claim in the social media wars by releasing their "world lenses" feature, which will allow you to filter pretty much anything you want.

The fresh gimmick, which you can catch a glimpse of in the 30 second video above, will allow you to add augmented elements to just about anything you can see through your phone camera. What that means is that you can place 3D-seeming objects with your smartphone (you already watched the vid above—come on, you get it). 

According to the people at Snap, the new tech should be easy to use. It doesn't require additional hardware or anything. And to cycle through the world lenses, simply tap the screen while you're using your rear-facing camera. The people at Snap added that the world lenses will be updated daily. 

Seems like this will allow the company to gain some much-needed traction, at least until the competition steals this idea. Which they will.