"Nordic Outbreak" Moving Image Exhibition Launches in NYC on March 31

"Nordic Outbreak" Moving Image Exhibition Launches in NYC on March 31Superflex, Rebranding Denmark, 2006

The Streaming Museum has commissioned over 30 moving image artworks from contemporary Nordic artists to be seen in public spaces. The ambitious project includes Times Square's Midnight Moment presentation featuring Björk's "Mutual Core" video, and it will tour in six cities total: Helsinki, Reykjavik, Copenhagen, Nuuk, Stavanger, and New York City.

Danish curator Tanya Toft says, “The artworks touch upon contemporary issues that are confronting the underpinnings of society in the Nordic region—but which also reflect international realities and conditions in the digital age. The exhibition brings new light on the Nordic as a diverse aesthetic concept and reveals an amazing experimental energy.”

For years, Nordic artists have been stereotyped with creating minimal, melancholic, and naturalist works, but this exhibition will undoubtedly change that.

[via StreamingMuseum]

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