Written by Tim Brodhagen, Editor-In-Chief, Radcollector.com.

Although it’s been lamented by some purists that the first ten years of the millennia have been one of the least inspired decades in skateboard aesthetics, the 2000’s still hold their own, with the truly special designs just  harder to find amongst a sea of unoriginal productions.  And while it’s true that a lot of independent brands and shops died out during this decade in favor of big brands and mall shopping, skateboarding and the art created for it never ceased to flourish. There were also some dope advances in technology too.

In putting together a list of the best 25 skate decks between the years of 2000 and 2009, we could think of no one better than Jose Portes of Brooklyn’s Homage, the OG BK skate shop that has seen a majority of the decade’s best decks pass through its doors.

Check out Jose’s picks for the 25 best skateboards of the 2000’s.

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