Written by Billy Schon (@freshpaintnyc).

Today, almost anyone that is actively involved with graffiti uses the internet to share their latest work, either privately or for the world to see.

Through dozens of user friendly blogging platforms all you have to do is log in and click upload and you're instantly "getting up" for the world to see. Many argue that graffiti on the internet distinguishes the traditional efforts of getting your name out there. However, for the more experienced, the internet can be used as a tool to interact with writers around the world and exchange styles and ideas in a positive way.

I created a globally diverse list of the top 25 graffiti blogs. Each deserves recognition for unique contributions to the art form. Selections were based on original flicks, features, design layout, depth of content and consistency of updates.

Check out the 25 Best Graffiti Blogs.

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