Backpieces and bodysuits are the pinnacle of tattoo arts. Taking, as you might imagine, great patience on both sides of the needle, these grand works are the prime showcase for tattoo masters. 

BLOODWORK:BODIES is a new 2 volume book published by Analog Tattto Arts Kolectiv. Over 4 years, adrian Lee and team (including photographer Max Dolberg) covered 5 continents, met 53 tattooers, and compiled 119 backpieces and bodysuits. The fruits of their collective labor release later this month, and will be celebrated by an exhibition in San Jose, CA on October 20, 2011.

The books are produced in two distinct collector sets — a series of 1200 numbered copies and one of 900 hand bound books.

Among the participating tattooers are: adrian Lee, Chris Trevino, Civ, Filip Leu, Grime, Jack Rudy, Jondiz, Luke Atkinson, Marcus Pacheco, Orly Locquiao, Thomas Hooper, Tin-Tin, and many more.

Head to the gallery to see 15 mind blowing full body tattoos from BLOODWORK:BODIES.

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